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front yard



The view at dusk from the front gate looking over town to the Yalbac hills in the distance. From the kitchen door (L), past the front verandah looking up the winding steps to the quiet road above. Gravel is of fine quartz and flint that makes a satisfying sound when crunched and the colors shimmer in the rain. Fifty yards to the left is Buena Vista Road, down the little hill and you are smack in the middle of town. Underneath the first arch (L2) you will see the first of many creative touches; in this case a kinetic bamboo sound sculpture.

The concept of the house is to adapt indigenous Belizean features in artistic new ways. While there are some elements of Mock Maya, the main inspiration for the design is the idea of flowing water; from the main entrance you go down a dry creek bed, enter the cave/temple of the house, follow river stones and slate pathways, take a shower in the crystal waterfall, wallow in the coral ocean of the living room, flow out the back door down the delta of garden paths, take the meditation steps, and rest by the spring-fed creek, where the pure water continues into town (it was once the main water source for San Ignacio). You will also find some jungly vines and spots for ritual sacrifice (I am thinking of the Tikal-shaped barbecue grill).