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Looking back towards the dining room from the back door you can see the multi-tiered design of the main rooms. To the left is the bar/breakfast nook with two mahogany stools for enjoying your breakfast or a cocktail.

The footrest has a story behind it: Belize has many abandoned cars. Ours in the back yard is a 1961 Chevy Belaire. It is reputed to be one of the first vehicles ever driven in Cayo. While it's not going anywhere fast now, the chrome bumper is still in fine shape. Maya Classic meets Detroit Classic. The remnants of the car are in the back yard and have been turned into a cartomb; your own art ruin that now doubles as the first stage of the stairs to the roof.

The steps represent as it were the sandy beach leading to the green coral ocean of the living room.

From the bar looking across the living room (coral ocean) to the bedroom and bathroom entrances. You can also see the inlaid hardwood dining table.

Living room features:

• Private garden views with many birds

• Sofa bed folds out into a queen bed.

• Super comfy Corda-Roy beanbag chair. Relax on it during the day and if a third bed is needed in the house, drag it to the upper level, unzip it, and you have a soft King size mattress.

• Low-voltage spot lighting; if you prefer the typical fluorescent tube lighting this house is not for you.

• Glow-in-the-dark steps and floors (for fun and safety).

• Skylight. One of Belize's few skylights, this lights the house and acts as an indoor sundial. Count off the hours according to where the spot appears on the floor. Equinox and solstice spots are marked on the floor by little geckos and the sun strikes a green glass block at noon on the summer solstice. When it rains the skylight forms a puddle lens that ripples down below. Quite trippy.